Alex's Comments:

Hi I am Little and aside from getting fucked in all positions I have many other things I love in life. Family and friends are most important to me no matter how much of a pain in the ass they are or how much I dont see them. one thing I love about my family is we are all gamers my mom brought me up to knowing how to use nina to kick annas ass in teken haha. which I guess brings me to a whole other subject.... GAMING! aside from porn gaming is my passion. I am an avid collector of magic the gathering card and play at comic shops for friday night magic no matter where I am (if my work schedule permits that is) I am also a fan of video games weather its a new consoule or an atari (i even have a 13yrold cat named master chief, from the game Halo)! I always have a family zoo pass for the year so I can go to the zoo or aquarium anytime, its one of my fav places no matter how many times I have been to there!! I am big into almost anything fantasy or spacy. I am an avid collector of starwars! I have even built my own millenium falcon out of legos :D some of my favorite movies are Never ending story, the labrynth, the dark crystal, harry potter, blow, beaches :) and I love anime; chobits, knights of sidonia, black buttler, elfen lied. when it comes to porn my fav kind to watch is an anime kind called \"hentai\" mmmmm...... I love to read! I always have my next book picked out before I am ever done reading a first. at the moment im reading game of thrones, and up next is fellowship of the rings. I have seen both on Tv but I find my imagination to be much more colorful than what is broadcast over the boob tube lolol well I hope yall enjoyed yourselfe as much as I did, maybe see u next time?