Anya's Comments:

I've lived a rather sheltered life so far. I'm an only child and really close to my family. They actually know what I'm out here doing and support me! Again, I'm so thankful. :) I'm quite shy and awkward. It takes me awhile to get warmed up to somebody, but once I do I can be a lot of fun. ^.~ I have a silly sense of humour and love to just dance and play as if I never grew up. (I kinda haven't!) I like to see the world full of unlimited potential and possiblities and make everyday a beautiful one. I don't think I have many talents, but the ones I do have center around staying positive, making people smile, and seeing the good in everything and everybody. I'm also a wonderful listener, advice-giver, and lover. :) I'm running out of things to say about myself, so I shall close by saying how wonderful my experence with FTV was. I can't believe I actually fisted myself! And squirted from doing so! I'm still in a happy daze. :) My favorite part was the Vibra-King though. I really want to take him home with me, hehe. Trying to insert the hitachi head was quite a painful challenge, I prefered playing with the veggies. It was so funny when I couldn't pull the squash out. XD Overall, I had an amazing day and hope to be back again soon. Crossing my fingers it will be with another sexy girl! (Can you tell I love girls? ^.~) <3 Thank you for reading and watching! Much love, Anya.