Photographer's Comments:

Back out for some more public nudity, we visit a department store, where she flashes her goods, and purchases a set of 24 markers for some extreme & kinky play later. We also gas up at a gas station, where she continues to get frisky for the camera. We then go to the other side of the store, and risk shooting her doing some marker stuffing. She pushes them as deep as they can go, then pushes them out (she does have some amazing & strong vaginal muscles). On the bed at home, she gets comfortable, and tries to challenge herself to all 24 markers! We manage to get to 23, where she is completely stuffed, and her vagina ends up pushing everything out at that point. Its incredible to see how stretched out she gets with all of them in her. She then spreads and gapes for the camera. We then continue the kinky theme, with her using a long double-ended dildo to fuck herself, then push it in back end first to get both sides inside her, and the same in reverse, almost getting the entire toy in her! Its amazing how flexible her vagina is, and still she remains very tight. We go for a second kinky experiment, with apricots, and she manages to stuff 4 of them in her. Pushing the first few out are easy the last two required a lot of work from her vaginal muscles. Consider it training her vagina haha. The muscles do also squeeze the 'juice' out of these apricots. Its been a while since a girl has ridden the FTV Toy, and I felt that Ariana might be a good candidate for it. She does end up going down pretty deep on it, and exhausts herself on the toy over time. After a break, dinner, etc... we decide to do one more shoot, end with a 'bang' -- she wants to get man-fisted. It turns out to become a pretty incredible deep fisting, with a hand that is rather big, even for a man's hand. It also gets harder and faster over time, and she enjoys the mix of pleasure/pain she gets from it. Its as extreme as you can get for such a cute 19 year old teen! Hope you Ariana fans enjoy her return, and new members should love this cute and fun girls' attitude to new kinds of sexual fun.