Avri's Comments:

I love trying to things, stepping out of my comfort zones and facing my fears. my only mission in life to be myself and free myself. every day i am learning how to love. life is a never ending discovery of oneself. i am aware of this and i accept every thing, feeling and event. experiencing life to the fullest. im a responsible individual. i am true to myself and speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. i see beauty in life and death. im not afraid of the dark. i know what it means to suffer. i live and act in accordance with my true self. i am not driven by fear or anxiety. i am not perfect... i am still learning.. i have some addictions and im aware of them and working on myself every day. the problem i see with most people is that they think they have to change who they are. they have it fixed in their mind that they must be better. and i know for sure that this is not a healthy way to live. i know that in order to begin healing you must accept yourself exactly as you are. right now. you dont have to understand why you are the way you are, and you don't have to have a goal of who you want to be. real change will come naturally. it is Not a matter of time. if you still feel hung up on an ex from 10 years ago, you're not going to be happy with the next girl. you will continue the same cycle until you open yourself on a feeling level and heal emotionally. this is where im at. i know its sounds all preachy and shit but truthfully, i have grown soo much the past few years.. when i started to accept myself and take responsibility for my life, and My feelings. i am very stubborn and have to do everything on my own. i never take anyones advice. and thats probably for my own good.. honestly, no one can do the work for you. you are your own best teacher. so here i am.. im 21 years old and i live in Tampa Florida. i love to travel and eat and sing and swim and well, masturbate. when i was younger i would hump my teddy bears face off. and when i was 11 i popped my own cherry. i didn't want someone else to do it and hurt me, so i did it myself! getting back to the present now.. i am very happy to be here today. the shoot was so much fun :D i was very nervous about it at first... but it wasn't hard at all! ive been In my body more than ever lately.. learning how to relax my mind is extrememly helpful when it comes to acheiving orgasm! as ive stated before, i did not see myself being here years ago. i am experimenting and having fun. i never thought i would be able to fist myself. infact id cringe at seeing other girls do it and never understood why someone would want to go that far! im so glad that i went for it because it felt awesome! its a lot of work but totally worth it. and its actually kinda funny.. the things i say i'd never do i eventually end up doing. but i'll promise you this one thing, i will never do b/g porn. its just not for me. this was a huge deal for me. but there are some parts of my sex life that i prefer to keep private. anyway, i had a blast shooting my First Time Video :D it went very well and i feel somewhat proud of myself for going even further into fisting and the huge toy.. oh and not to mention that crazy vibrator at the end! i'd love to experiment with that thing again LOL. i have been turned on all day and im very thankful to be in a safe, relaxed enviroment where i am encouraged to be myself. it means a lot to know that there are producers in the industry that want the real stuff. im all about that. i give a huge thanks to Rob for making this possible and also, Thank You for tuning into the experience and giving your support and feedback. I greatly appreciate it <3