Photographer's Comments:

We then go for lunch, with her wearing some sexy wedges that make her even more leggy. A topless interview at the restaurant (that is, until we were asked not to shoot there off camera) and some flashing at a strip mall with some teases inbetween her sexy legs. With her sexy wedges on, we watch her enter the driveway, take her shorts off, and show off that sexy butt again. Its all about anal play now, as she starts fingering herself with one, then two fingers, going deep. Its a new experience for her, and she looks sexy doing it from several different positions. Then she puts a thumb in her vagina at the same time, double penetrating herself. Its always interesting to see what a girl says/feels as she touches the walls of her vagina/butt with her fingers on each side... Going even more kinky, she then tries stuffing a zucchini deep inside her, having sex with it, and doing herself in various sexual positions. I picked a rather unique looking zucchini, and it was perfect for 'locking in' to her vagina. Its hot watching her push it out with her strong vaginal muscles. This all arouses her further, so she uses the magic wand toy to another strong orgasm, with some very visible vaginal contractions. Notice how wet she gets, with her vaginal juices bubbling up. Putting on another pretty and seethrough dress, we get seethrough teases of her beautiful figure (with cameltoe, butt teases, and nipple stretching), then she tries to go extreme -- stuffing five fingers and near-fisting herself! She works hard at it, but she does have rather big hands. We then watch her spread and gape as wide as possible, really opening herself up. *NOTE: CLIPS 2 THROUGH 5 HAD AUDIO ISSUES AND THEREFORE HAS NO VOLUME. In pigtails and out on the street, we watch her go jogging, then do it topless and bottomless. She's all about fingering herself, so why not do it on the middle of the road? That is until a car startles her as it passes by her naked figure... At home she tries out the Vibraking Toy but its too strong for her (nearly got there though, you can see the vaginal contractions about to begin), then goes back to the Magic Wand toy, and ends up having another orgasm... and squirting! She's never squirted in her life -- a first time for her. She was kind of shy about it... Enjoy this supercute, fun, and natural beauty, it was her first adult shoot, and experienced many firsts, here on FTV :)