Belicia 's Comments:

So on the part 2 of her shoot, we decided to do something more sporty. She's got those perfect abs, but not shorts or skirts to wear (because she barely brought any clothes with her). Which worked fine, we just ended up shooting her bottomless with the skimpy top on to show off her abs. She's played soccer for a long time, and so it made sense to follow that sporty theme with her hair in a ponytail. Notice her socks however (weed patters -- she's a pot smoker allright -- aren't all California teens doing that nowadays?). In no time she's completely naked... then finding a long cucumber to penetrate herself standing up, and then riding it in the grass. Hot views of the penetration from different angles. Back home, she experiments with a bottle, pushing it as deep as it can go, getting past the wide end... Notice her milky white juices build up on the bottle, which she then pulls out and rubs on her nipples like cream! She tries going as deep as possible by sitting on it and using her body weight. Also notice the suction sound as I had her pull it in and out. More veggie action continues as she tries to use a large summer squash, but its too wide and she can't get most of it in... so she uses a banana instead! She fucks herself hard with the banana, until its turned to mush... She likes to sing and dance, so we see her do that next, in the nude, with her own unique way of dancing. To end the day, we enjoy her figure in a cute bra & panties, showing off and massaging her firm breasts & butt, then gaping her vagina from behind and fingering herself. By this point she was burned out, not used to getting up early and flying on a plane to do all this in one day, so it was time to wrap up this shoot. Lets not forget that she's also doing this stuff for the first time, and its a lot of 'adventure' for one day!