Cali's Comments:

Though dancing is one method I use to stay in shape, I practice the Bar Method to maintain a dancers stamina, tone, and flexability. Which comes in handy as I do the odd modeling gig from time to time. Though one thing that tends to get in the way of that is my stupid-at-sixteen mistake of a tattoo, which seemed like a good idea at the time. I have fond memories of the circumstances surrounding the decision to get the tatt, however, I'm looking forward to getting it removed. My time living abroad was particulary eye opening with respect to the problem of Human Trafficking. While there, I met travelers from all over the world, as well as natives, who shared their stories with me. After futher educating myself on the subject I resolved to do something about it, mainly by sharing facts and information with those who would otherwise never have it on their radar. Ultimately it's the cause I have the most passion for, and one day I hope to start a foundation for the victims, one that takes a far more proactive approach than most. Being an FTV girl has definitely gratified my constant desire for new experiences (since this was, of course, my first time filming). Upon arriving I was pretty jet lagged and a bit nervous, but once we started shooting all those nerves sort of flew away. Cause, well, once everyone can see your vajayjay along with all those other bits you're usually self conscience about, you stop being self conscience and just have fun. I had a great time working for a great site, and I'd recomend the experience to anyone.