Cosima's Comments:

Its great being back in California. I am now living with a few friends close to the beach, it feels like nothing has changed and no time has passed. I finally turned 21 too! My day to day life has been get off work, walk to a local bar, come back smashed and doing it again the next night. My liver and my bank account were definetly beginning to hurt, so I decided to look into a different carrer path. I was over working 9-5 jobs, 40 hours a week, bringing home $800 every two weeks. I was burnt out. I jumped online, came across an ad about Adult Film and decided to try it out. After a few failed attempts, I got in touch with an agent in Miami Florida. He flew me down the next day and moved me into his Model House with seven other girls. I was excited to make new friends and be completely out of my comfort zone. The next day my agent told me he sent my photo's out to a few agencys and everyone was responding really well to them, and in no time he booked my first shoot with FTV Girls. I didn't know what to expect for my first shoot. I was feeling the stress of not performing very well or making an ass out of myself on camera. When I arrived in Phoenix for my first day of shooting, FTV picked me up and drove me to the the house to get settled in. When it came time to begin shooting, I walked onto set, thats when the nerves kicked in. I was sitting on the plush carpet in my tiny panties and the cameras were ready to role. He hands me a vibrator and asks if I've ever used one before, no I reply but take it anyway. He tells me to relax, and loosen up, and encourages me to play with it a little before shooting. I flick on the switch and it immedietly starts buzzing and tingling my entire hand. I softly press it onto my clit, my eyes roll back....\"AND WE'RE FILMING!\" I cum. He cuts. Just like that the scene is over. I was so surprised and relieved! And heyy I enjoyed it. The next day of filming went just as well, perhaps better! They take me to a mall to do some flashing and ask if I've ever done any scandalous acts, no not even streaking I'm embarrassed to say. At the end of the day, after all the public nudity I had done, we were all starving. My adrenalines rushing! I was so ready to walk into the restaurant butt ass naked. No shame! We wrapped up the shoot with minutes to spare before the rain began pouring down on us, it was such an amazing experience. What a fun first shoot! I can't wait to shoot again and top this one. I'll master that fisting for sure ;) Um where can I get one of those Vibra Kings...? Serious. Thank you so much FTVGirls! -Cosimaxxxoooxo