Photographer's Comments:

So on her second day, she wakes up (she likes to sleep naked), then brushes her hair, then does a little dance with no music. I had her get ready and put her hair into cute braids, and put on the innocent white dress. This ended up being an outtake video, which you can see as clip 7. Another outtake video is clip 8, which has her masturbating on the counter again, and squirting all over my lens. Though it was more a pee squirt this time, so I left it as an outtake. We go to an open mall, where its still pretty early and only a few people around (mostly going to yoga) and had her flash everywhere -- upskirt, spreads, fingering, and seethrough-dress action. Fun to watch her flash on the escalator. We probably spent too much time there, and ended up having a female security guard kick us out. At least I got the shoot I wanted before we ended up leaving. She has a breakfast, and gives us more upskirt and flashing -- but my luck was thinner this time, as the manager came out and told us to stop shooting. Back home, she was getting groggy (from a big breakfast, and she's a coffee person -- didn't have her coffee). She ends up masturbating a little, then using the Big Glass Ball toy, having difficulty pushing it all the way in. She does a little fisting, which leads to fingering, and gets lost into a horny phase? I got her the coffee, and notice by clip 3, in her pretty orange dress, she's all bubbly again. That dress was definitely my favorite, as it hugged her form, and those breasts could pop out at any time. After being her dorky self, we get kinky with glass toys, and her trying to squirt with one in her. It leads to double penetration with two glass toys, pushing her limits. I really wanted to see her ballet dance, so I had some ballet music ready for her, and enjoyed seeing her natural grace as she went through her routine. Though the leg injury and the hard surface did tire her out (but not before we could see her twirl around with her breasts out!) She then comes up with some more flexible poses topless, and we're back to kinky again. With her strong vaginal muscles, we wanted to see if we could see them move while she masturbated with a speculum inside her. You get to see her cervix, and those muscles contracting. Hard to get the exposure right though. Then she puts on another pretty dress & heels, gets to finger her butt for the first time (notice the suction sound). It then ends with the Glass FTV Toy, but she was too sore and burned out by then, so the action was 'so so'. To me, she's the ideal, 'innocent' looking girl next door, with a totally sexual, and kinky side to her. You'd never think it, when you see her out and about. She was pretty shy and timid at the beginning, it being her first time in adult, but she was out of her shell by the end of the day.