Photographer's Comments:

A referral by my friend, who knows her personally, Janessa was introduced with a few instagram pics: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7. Hot girl!! I met up with the friend and Janessa poolside at the friends' apartment, her thinking we were just going to meet up and talk. I did bring my DSLR camera, just in case she was cool with some video -- and she was. So an interview starts right there, along with some flashing of her breasts. Remember she's never done any kind of nudes before on camera! Then, a week later, in Clip2, she comes over to shoot, but was crying -- she had a bad breakup with her friend seen on the pool video. No makeup, in very casual clothes (she left her place with nothing after the fight) and her ranting on about the situation made me think that maybe I should record this as well. So you see her talking quite personally about several things -- and also notice that she is still very cute with zero makeup and after crying. She has a naturally beautiful face. Then she strips down, and masturbates on camera for the first time (shot in two separate angles). She brought her one and only favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand toy which brings her to orgasm with visible vaginal contractions (with a little juicy buildup). You could say this portion is the candid outtakes that was well worth its own segment, as you see her in her most natural state possible.