Jenna's Comments:

I love shopping for cute outfits like dresses, short shorts and skirts. I worked in a bank for two years and then I tried bartending which I loved. Mostly I liked learning new drink recipes and concocting my own drinks. I'm not a big drinker, but I drink socially. Only to get a nice little buzz. I like to drink Johnny Walker Black on the rocks with a splash of gingerale, a nice draft beer or the occasional glass of wine. Then I started getting more into glamour and promotional modeling. I really enjoyed doing lingerie and bikini shoots and I've always been very comfortable naked. I like going to Miami Beach because it's a topless beach so I can tan without getting tan lines, except for that tiny little thing tan line which I think is so sexy. I also go to Haulover nude beach in Florida sometimes when I want to tan completely nude and fix any bad tan lines. So I did my first nude photo shoot in the Everglades which I loved so much because I love nature and being naked. The only thing was the mosquitoes are so attracted to me, I had shower myself in bug spray which made me sticky and the bugs still didn't stop attacking me. Other than that I had a lot of sun and the photos came out great. Then I started getting more work modeling like working car shows and exxxotica and I started webcam modeling. I really enjoyed webcamming because I could do it whenever I wanted and for as long as I wanted. It's also great to masturbate all day and I tried out new things sexually which I might not have if I hadn't webcammed. That's also where I discovered my favorite toy, the hitachi! So since I enjoy masturbating and having sex with hot girls, I decided I would give a try at porn and I'm so glad I did. After about a month of researching and speaking to different people in the adult industry, I decided I would go to Los Angeles where there is the majority of work. They set me up with FTV as my first porno so I can get some experience. But I'm not going to be doing guys in porn just girls. I also really love California and want to move there so I bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles. Now I have seen a new state which is gorgeous. I really love the moutains and plants and clear blue skies in both Arizona and California. I really love traveling and am so grateful to be able to make a living cumming, traveling and meeting interesting, new and open minded individuals. That way I can dedicate my free time to improving myself, going to school and doing all the other things that I love. I had an amazing time today shooting my First Time Video and I can't wait to come back for more!