Katie's Comments:

I do some more photography of her in those sexy wedges and short shorts that make her look really leggy, with teases inbetween in this public location (and some of which you see as the coverpage itself), then go to a friend's garage where he owns a motorcycle. We find out that she's a competitive motocross racer, and motorbikes are an easy thing for her. She poses with the bike, then requests to ride it out, and literally disappears for a while with the bike, worrying the owner haha. Pretty hot to see her wearing that leggy outfit and wedges and simply drive off. My favorite outfit of hers is the red dress that we see next, in tandem with some borrowed wedges... Enjoying her beauty and her pretty assets like her breasts & butt, with some hard breast massage and nipple play. Then I introduce her to the Magic Wand toy, and she gets to have her third orgasm of the day, with the visible vaginal contractions in detail at this closeup view (then some fingering afterwards). She's hinted at twerking in her earlier videos, but now it was time for a sexy dance, so she picks some music and does her twerking and parading around in the hallway. Several takes on this one, because the friend starting the song couldn't figure how to work pandora. We move on to some dildo play -- the long dildo that she agreed to try out. She was so worried it would be too big for her, but it wasn't so bad after all, and she started getting into it. It warms her up to another masturbation (Eroscillator seems to be her favorite now) and ends up with her fourth orgasm of the day, with strong visible vaginal contractions. Foot fetish is next, as she shows off her feet, and kisses her toes. As the day is coming to an end, I wanted to get some sporty action on her, especially with those super tiny shorts -- or are they underwear? We head over to a trail area, but just our luck, a park ranger gets suspicious, and sits there watching my shoot. Annoying as hell, we do as much as we can before he decides to call in something or another. We're not vandalizing or destroying the hill, leave us alone... Not easy nowadays. Anyway, it was cute to watch her run about and tease. So we head home for one last video as the light comes to an end, with another dance and twerking session. This FTV exclusive girl took a lot of handholding to express her sexuality, but it was worth it -- she is one cute & fun girl, and she's as new as it gets.