Photographer's Comments:

She had a thing for one of the FTV cars, so we decided to shoot with it at a sassy private resort location. Since its blistering hot, there isn't anybody around, so that is good -- but as you can see through the progression of clip1 Kendall starts melting away. Its a hot sexy outfit no doubt, and soon enough she's naked again. We take a break for lunch, have her re-hydrate, then back home for her to masturbate again her way with the hard g-spot banging. The way she does it I don't notice those 'vaginal contractions' some members look for, but her orgasms are definitely genuine and how she ended up learning to do as a young teen. More spreading, and me teaching her to 'gape' her rather small vagina -- and the Big Glass Ball toy test shows how small her entryway is. So I bring her something a lot more skinny but tall -- so she can do splits on it while getting penetrated. Rather erotic to see. Then on the couch she can more comforably play with it. We then go for a dancing scene, her picking her kind of music to dance to -- and with that perfect body lets see her dance only naked please. The weather was only slightly cooler towards sunset, as a cloud was moving in, and so we went to a popular hiking trail to watch her tease the hikers and do some public nudity. She drew a lot of attention for sure, partly because she's so cute, partly because of the outfit, and of course, when she took everything off. I dared her to masturbate her way again, this time right out in the open as hikers went by. A large dust storm brewing up sort of shortened the masturbation, and two guys started standing around and watching her. I must say its hot watching her run around naked, and she's the kind of girl that draws attention wherever you go. She's truly stunning. Anyway, enjoy her first time experience here on FTV, its always nice to have a gorgeous naturally gifted girl like her on here :)