Photographer's Comments:

Personally I wish I had been there to shoot her myself, but we do get to see some interesting videos on this portion. She's fully naked, very horny, and you can see how she loves masturbation and sex. A hypersexual girl that seems to enjoy the voyeurism as well. After rubbing herself with fingers, she ends up masturbating to orgasm in clip1. Her vagina responds to the stimulation offered by the vibrator by contracting on contact -- and it seems like she has a strong orgasm there. It doesn't end in Clip1, as she decides to continue, this time in doggy style, until she has as second orgasm on Clip2. We then see her spread her juicy wet insides. Clip3 starts with her spreading, and then (even I didn't know that her boyfriend was getting involved for the video) she gets fingered by her man. As you can see, she loves the penetration, and gets off by him pounding her with fingers as she rubs her clit. I wonder if her boyfriend knows what he's got there! She's kinky too enjoying & demanding anal fingering/stimulation. The contributing photographer did manage to get some of my instructions about doing some FTV-style kinky insertions, and we get to see her penetrate herself with the vibrator's handle. She goes pretty deep, as she takes the whole white part of the vibrator inside her -- especially when she's on top (Clip4). She then masturbates again, to what seems to be another orgasm (Clip5) and more spreading/touching by her boyfriend on the final clip6. Again, this is a rather 'unique' and spontaneous update for FTV -- I wish I was there to shoot it myself, but it is awesome to have Kendra so explict and exclusive here on FTV.