Kenna's Comments:

I am currently a student in college working toward my degree in Veterinary Medicine. I love working with animals, especially cats and dogs. I myself have six cats living with me and I love them all very dearly. All of my babies are resuce animals that I meant to find homes for but never actually did it because I got so attached to them. Now, it's like I can't even think about my life without them! So I currently have about six to eight years left until I can go on to be a Vet and I am so excited to finally be getting there. I have very few really close friends. My best friend is the most crazy and outgoing person that I know. She is always making me laugh and cheering me up whenever I may need it. She knows all of my secrets and is there for everything that happens in my life. She feels almost like a sister to me and I love her as such. My shoot today was a lot of fun. It was really tough because I tried some thigns that were still pretty new to me and I'm actually pretty sore. Some of my favorite things about working with FTV is that there are so many different locations and so many different things to try versus doing the same thing for every pictue and every video. I love the varitey because it makes every video unique and interesting to perform and watch. I got to try fisting today, which is the reason I'm so sore, and did a little butt play which I figured out real quick is not for me. I loved going outdoors and doing the shoots naked. It's really scary at first and I was so worried about being caught that I wasn't able to really relax at first, but after a while, it was a lot easier to just let go and realize that it was all going to be alright. Overall, this is one of the most fun shoots I've done thus far. I would definitely shoot with him again because he knows what he is doing and is very professional and makes me feel comfortable. I had a great day and hope to have many more to come! :)