Lila's Comments:

I am who I am , fully supported by my family and friends I wouldn't be anything without the people ! With that in mind I remain humble and aware. Never judging or worrying , it's just not my style ! I offer to you unconditional love though you may be wondering how so through this screen, I invite you always to tap in and take a deep breath ! The root of ALL... prana, and there you will find me . May sound a little too hippidelic for some of you, but regardless I am sending the positive vibrations! May these words resonate with you allowing us to all fall into our own truths whatever they may be. So this is me , now . Every day I am renewed better than the day before , yeah sure not every day is perfect ... but that is what I love most ! The challenge :)How do so I react when things don't go the way intended ? My reality is to always be in the center ? open spirit continually flowing, call it the wei wu wei . I have no time for regrets or bull shit no one does ! I look to the stars each night, and I am reminded how cosmic we all are :) never set limits , for we are all divine! Dancing with divinity on this worldly plane of time. I let go of which does not serve me, and blossom to share my white lotus with the universe ?thank you for reading, and please enjoy my shoot!