Melissa's Comments:

Hey guys! its Melissa here.You guys have seen me around here a bunch and now im back, but this time youll be even more shocked at what you see because im pregnant! yup thats right, im eight months pregnant now and want to share my sexy little belly with you guys :) Since the beginning my pregnancy has gone extremely well, no complaints here, except im always tired! No sickness,no weird cravings,no stuffing my face. ive just been trying to get use to the belly haha. After I have this baby I will be hitting the gym extra hard and getting this body in better shape then I even was before I got pregnant. :) youll see... Ill be back to show you. heheh Besides being pregnant I went back to college full time and Im still webcamming. Oh and dont worry, like i said ill be back after I give birth so dont think im going anywhere :) i love my job and what I do! I hope you guys enjoy this update, I had fun showing off my prego belly and my big boobies!!! :) xoxox