Melissa's Comments:

One of my fave things is to travel as well, i would like, one day, to go to a different country. i mean, ive been to canada when i was a little squirt, so i dont really remember it. and ive also been to mexico, back when i was like 10 on a cruise. which was incredible. but i really wanna go someplace like italy, or germany, or maybe even russia.. well maybe not russia. but you get the point. i love to travel and discover new things and people. as well as see things i wouldnt normally see in my small town, or even anywhere in the US. But with traveling and learning more about the way other people live would also make me miss the way i live. ha. i love to hunt and fish... its like religion where i live. literally EVERYONE either hunts or fishes or usually both. i just started learning how to bow hunt (hunting with a bow and arrow, like the native americans did) and i love it. its so much fun and a whole lot more challenging than regular gun hunting. i love a good challenge hehe. it makes the reward so much sweeter, ya know? As for FTV, it was honetsly so much fun... obviously... i mean i had my first orgasm shooting with FTV AND i squirted hehe. i should get high fives for that by the way because i totally thought i couldnt even orgasm hehe... i guess ive just had really bad partners my entire life. ooops.. but yea, im now in love with FTV and im so SO SO SO bummed i gotta go back home ):