Natalie's Comments:

So, how was my experience these two days? I loved every part of it (well maybe that big cock was too much for me) and the orgasms with my wand toy were some of the best. I'm not sure why I came really good every time but maybe its that excitement of doing in front of the camera and the camera guy watching me? Maybe I'm an exhibitionist down inside even though I hadn't done anything like it before. When we started at the big mall that night and I was showing my breasts and stuff I really enjoyed it and it gave me a rush. I can't really explain the feeling but it was like going on a rollercoaster or seeing an exciting movie but actually being in it. The photographer said we got lucky many times with the mall and the gym etc. that we didn't get caught or get into serious trouble. I think since we would zoom zoom around different places so fast anyone who wanted to catch us wouldn't be able to find us! I don't deny that I really wanted a real penis after this experience and I would've jumped the photographer if he wasn't so serious about his work. He was so focused on getting the shoot done that he couldn't even look up and smell the flowers if you know what I mean. I saw all the pics and I really loved the white dress ones and some of the fun ones too. I can't wait to see my update on the site but the photographer said September? Damn its only March right now so I have to wait half a year jeez.