Photographer's Comments:

So the final day of the Hawaii shoot begins in a place called the 'Valley of the Temples', a popular tourist destination on the other side of the island. I looked for several locations to shoot the girls in exotic Asian architecture before the girls arrived, but some places were so overwhelmed with tourists, that I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything done. This place at least was less busy, partly because of its more remote location, and partly because of the rain. The girls, wearing their short dresses without panties, could twirl around and literally have their skirts hike up enough to see their private parts. And that they did, with many tourists around them noticing what was happening. All the more public nudity/tease which is a lot of FTV members enjoy. They end up playing with themselves and fingering, getting romantic with some sensual kissing, and doing upskirt shots when they can. Eventually the employees take notice, and kindly tell us to stop. Again, people in Hawaii tend to be nicer and more 'chill' about these things -- and I would not have been able to get away with all these public shoots so easily anywhere else in the US. Unfortunately because of my photo camera being disfunctional from the rain/humidity, I wasn't able to get the exotic photos I has so planned on doing over there. The public display of affection is taken to its most extreme later in the day, when the girls in casual wear and bikinis underneath take to the Waikiki strip and get very frisky with each other. Making out and going topless right in the busy street! I shot from hidden angles as to keep from people realizing they are being filmed. The reactions of people were always entertaining, but one guy kept hitting on them and distracting them from what I wanted them to do. That sort of got annoying, and I had to come out and try to change their location several times. Along with them being distracted as usual, and me not wanting them to be in one place for too long (especially with a police station right across the street!) we had to move on from that location when one guy went a little angry-nuts on them. Taking a little break at a restaurant waiting for the attention to die down, We moved to the beach, near a lifeguard stand. The girls strip to their bikinis (I especially like Nicole's bikini) and then they go topless in what is obviously not a nude beach. We then go to a more 'hidden' area where the girls can get naked between surfboards, but there are guys on both ends following and watching. Fortunately my camera started working again, and I could take pictures once more. We then go back to the hotel room, and the girls get to masturbate again (after cuddling naked for a while). Veronica goes first while Nicole takes a nap, and Veronica ends up with a nice squirting orgasm all over the balcony. Nicole starts her Eroscillator too, and ends up with her own strong orgasm and wide-open clear views of her vaginal contractions while Veronica watches from the balcony. Veronica has a thing for fingering Nicole, and we're more than happy to watch her touch her wetness inside. And so ends the four day shoot, I left them to do their own thing for the rest of the day, and then drove them back to the airport where they said their last goodbyes. Shoots like these can be pretty taxing and expensive, let alone long to process, edit, and put together, and man, do they burn me out!