Photographer's Comments:

On this second day of the shoot, I had her put on her cute summer dress, and 'borrowed' wedges, and went out to a tourist area. With it being earlier in the morning, it wasn't as busy, mostly maintenance crews and shops just opening up. Some flashing and fingering, upskirt and public nudity, but I chose to leave our first spot as I could see a heavyset female angrily talking on their cell phone in one of the shops looking directly at us. We end up having a breakfast, then watching her show off her flexibility again, in the nude. Her previous cheerleading experience really shows in how far she can stretch and do the splits. She's also got all that sexy muscletone in her legs and butt, with a very firm look to her. Of course, nice full breasts too, round and a perfect firm c-cup handful. Back home, she uses the Magic Wand toy (which she discovered in the first part of her shoot as her favorite) and has another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She's always wet down there, and I have her finger herself and show off the juices... Her feet, though pretty and petite, were not painted right, with some toenails missing manicure. So she does a toenail painting scene, with some foot fetish play. Then she uses the Glass Ball Toy she did on her first day, but this time harder, and having her pull it in and out quickly, stretching her out. That leads to her gaping as wide as possible with four fingers, so you can see 'deep inside'. Some kinky play when I pour water into her vagina, having her squirt it out, then her attempting to fist, but only getting five fingers -- she has a pretty large hand, almost the size of my own (even though her feet are a very petite size 6). She ends up trying the FTV Monster Toy, which she does take rather deep, and enjoys it somewhat, then rides it and the pressure urges her to squirt. She's a rather bratty girl, likes to sleep in, and so getting her up early made her nap in the daytime, cutting some of our shoot short. So while I edit, she takes naps. I interrupt her nap with a cucumber, and have her penetrate herself with it. Then after a breast massage, she tries the Big Ten Toy. She rides it in a sexy manner over the kitchen table, but something about the material in that dildo started burning her inside. Seems like she is allergic to something other than the silicone in it (since she used the Monster toy without problems). I had to have her take a bath, and rince her vagina with water, but it did lead to an early ending with her out of action. The last clip is when I woke her up first thing in the morning (if I hadn't, she would have slept the whole day) and me harassing her as she gets ready (its also an excuse to see her spunky attitude and her flirtatious nature).