Shannon's Comments:

I find my peace and fufillment in many places, but one place that really holds a special place in my heart is the beach. It's kinda far from me, but when I'm there and I feel the sand on my feet, smell the salt in the air, and see the ocean meet the sky I know a little piece of me is within all that beauty. One day I really want to be able to have the best sex I've ever had right on the beach when the tide washes in. Gahh that's my dream haha. Just being able to be so free and one with my environment and lover, just the thought of it makes me wet. I don't think any other place in the world could beat that beauty, at least for me!! I'm the sweet, cute, friendly, and fun loving kind of girl that any guy would be happy to take home to his parents! I don't bother getting upset about the small things in life that don't really matter because my philosophy is everything is a continuous cycle and we are always moving forward so anything I might be upset about would be irrelevant with my mindset. I believe that we each create our own reality and through that we as a species co-create the physical reality that we live in. In knowing that I am on my journey to discovering how to manifest and use the thought rhelm to move me forward in life with everything I need and everything my soul desires. How this works is if I have a thought, which is in my mental body, and I think about it all the time (FTV for example, it was just a thought at first) then that thought moves to my emotional body, where I actually feel the emotions I would feel if that thought manifested in the physical. From there it manifests itsef into the physical reality because of spiritual law that says we create our own reality. There's a whole science about it and I can go on and on talking all about quantum physics and the two unified field theories and all of that, but I think I'll stop before I get too ahead of myself haha. Now that I expressed what got me here I have to say that my first experience doing a shoot was quite exciting! I feel a lot more comfortable with my body and with the camera now than I ever really have. It was fun pushing myself to do things I've never done before and everything I did felt natural. I didn't really have to force anything. I really enjoyed my time here and I can't wait until next time! Woot woot!!