Shea 's Comments:

My life was never near perfect and that was okay because it became a learning experience and all my hard work one day will pay off. I have confidence and strength within myself by reflecting my goals and passions I have by being a artist and striving upon creativity, experiences, and finding something unique and or different from what you see everyday. Always staying true to myself by either being the candle that lights up a room or the mirror that reflects it. Promising my soul to always think before i speak and speak when over analyzing a situation by always following my heart and opening up my ears, mind and soul, to feel someone from the energy that they give off and letting them feeling respected and comfortable knowing that I never judge a book by its hard exterior and soft inside or vise versa. I also think that Arizona is a perfect example of myself and inner/outer beauty I hold on to and never stop loving, caring, and cherishing the small or over sized moments in life that require me to let my mind run wild and free, but tamed when my heart decides to speak about how it feels so that I stay true and honest to myself and others, also accepting the realism of there being no such thing as perfect. Live, Laugh, Love and Learn that sometimes you've got to put a boot to soil to appreciate all the beauty the desert or yourself has to offer.