Shyla 's Comments:

The universe has been very good to me though. I have a new lab mix that is my best friend in the whole world. I know, i know, girls and their dogs! lol. But serisouly i just dont know what i would do without her. Her name is Suki. And no, not from True Blood! I anmed her after a character in the book i was reading when I got her. Which brings me to my next subject, reading! Im a nerd. Glasses and all. This year it seems i just havent had as much time to read which really bums me out, so i have been trying to make it a priority. You see i havent been in school for some years now; and i personally think that the brain needs some kind of stimulation. And whats better then a good book where your mind can drift to another place. These are the things in life that make me happy. My girls and a good book ;) Well it seems i am going to iss my flight if i dont wtrap this yup so i will let you go but I am so happy that i got to share some of this with you and i hope conme play again soon for FTV Girls!