Photographer's Comments:

Two days later Sophia returns, this time she's bought a few cute clothes and done herself up with makeup, looking a little more mature but hotter than ever. She's all sophisticated looking with a skirt and sexy sweater, heels and matching underwear. She looks like a young sexy secretary, and we watch her walk and flash near a flower shop, and I have her tease as much as risk will allow (even in a nearby dental office there were people looking out the window staring the whole time. So we go to the backside where its remote, until she's completely naked flashing cars that drive by! Back home she masturbates with the Magic Wand toy to another strong orgasm -- this time the contractions cannot be seen because of the sheer size of the ball blocking it (and why I rarely use the Magic Wand if I can get away with it). She then pushes her limits by trying to fist herself! She ends up near-fisting, going as deep as she can go, then gaping/stretching so wide you can see her cervix deep inside. I tried shooting both photo and video, you can see it pretty clearly. I try pouring some water into her vagina while she gapes, sometimes missing the mark -- but have her squirt it out. She also experiments with more anal, fingering herself in the butt. Then taking her shirt off, she starts lactating in the mirror, then licks it off and makes out with herself. We then see her in a hot tight, rather short dress with strappy heels (a selection that I picked for her), showing off those long sexy legs, teasing us with upskirt and spreads -- then showing off her pretty feet after her shoes come off. She then tries the biggest thing ever, the Big Blue Monster Toy, bigger than her arm! She manages to get about 1/3 of it inside her, pushing her absolute limits for that tiny figure. Enjoy Sofia's incredible return -- compare it to her first time shoot last year she's come a long way from the tame innocent girl who just spread and did a little masturbation for the camera. This time she was near extreme, and all of you who wanted her back enjoy this amazing treat.