Photographer's Comments:

On the second half of her shoot day, she puts on that sexy, form fitting dress she wore at the party the first night. With nothing underneath, she's flashing her goods, and stretching/pulling on her nipples at this pretty resort area. She notices a guy with a broken down pickup truck resting in the shade, so I dare her to get naked in front of him. Staci really opens up when she interacts with people, and you see her genuine charm, even in the nude. A few people notice our shooting at the resort, but they don't seem to mind much, so we continue with her using a large cucumber. I may have picked one too big for her, as she had real difficulty in getting it in her, and only managed to get about 1/3 down when she rode it. Still, hot to watch her push her limits. She's a total sport about everything too, as its 105 degrees or so, and the heat does wear one out. So we return home to cool down, and have her try the Vibraking Toy and see what it does to her. It ends up making her squirt a lot, which I should have anticipated, so it ends up going all over the white couch. Now that she's wet inside, it was a good time to see how many fingers she could stuff -- ending up with four fingers deep. It also leads to some anal play, as she fingers one, then two into her butt. Definitely not her thing though! Foot fetish fans can also enjoy a fun clip where she really gets to show off her pretty feet and pedicure, with some toe sucking as well. To finish off the day, and cool her off as well, she ends up doing a naked run through some sprinklers at a park. Can never get tired of watching her walk or run naked. I feel like this shoot was a nice warmup for her, but I need to bring her back -- there's so much more I can get out of this girl, and with a few hot outfits and a good weekend an even more comprehensive shoot that should top this one.