Photographer's Comments:

Next we see Zoey getting ready for the day. We catch her as she explores a modern-styled office area and shows off her perfect breasts. Cars pass by in the background as she caresses her boobs and even masturbates using her fingers. In a cute dress, Zoey shows off her athletic side with some cartwheels in a grassy area before ditching the dress altogether. Back at the house, her dancer side comes out with a display of ballet. Without her proper shoes, she was limited to more basic moves, but its still fun to watch. At some point it was decided to try to insert the speaker itself! She doesn't get too far down on it, but it still provides a interesting a bizarre visual. A hard breast massage follows as she oils up her perfect tits and gives them a firm rub. She apparently developed these D-cups very recently, so a daily oil routine is needed to help minimize skin imperfections. I love shooting something like this that the model actually does in real life. A brief butt massage turns into some anal fingering as she explains that she really does enjoy some butt play in real life.